What is Soulidays.com?

Soulidays Munay S.L. provides a complete solution for travelers, who are looking for best private accommodations (casas particulares) in various provinces of Cuba and aims to help them to discover the soul of the Pearl of the Caribbean, experience it truly and live like a local. We can also help you to organize a tailor-made trip according to your personal wishes and plans; that includes stays and tours.

We meet each and every host in person visiting their rental homes. Our hosts have a long experience in renting their properties and they will do their best to make you feel at home.

Who we are?

Founded in 2015, above all we are a group of travel lovers and life enthusiasts. We are a team of highly experienced specialists in the Vacation Rental Market and Computer Science based in Spain and in Cuba. We love our work and will be happy to help you to create your dream holidays.

Soulidays.com is also an online booking platform and in the upcoming weeks you will be able to make a quick booking through a secure payment gateway. Besides, just before your trip you may check our blog to get some helpful travel tips and learn more about Cuba.

Our vision - Follow your bliss

The name Soulidays.com truly expresses the idea behind our vision and objectives. SOULIDAYS means "Holidays for the soul". We offer alternative ways of spending your vacations so that it becomes a truly enriching, spiritual and long lasting experience. We invite you to get off the beaten track and discover new places and faces as well as different lifestyles. Here within your reach you will be able to find and book your dream holidays.

Let your mind and feet wander!