Casa Carballo y Mandy - Habitación 1

CityPlaya Girón

Property TypePrivate room

Size: Guests: Beds: Bathrooms:
20 m² 4 2 1

Meet the host

Ángel Luis

Ángel Luis López Pedre
I'm a middle-aged man, fluent in English and Italian and I am also a professional chef so in my house you can taste traditional and international exquisite cuisine. I worked over 20 years in a hotel and now in my house I offer state of the art menus that will blow your mind. I prepare my dishes with excellent decoration and presentation and I always inform my visitors on how they are elaborated and with which ingredients. My cuisine satisfies different tastes and preferences. I am, together with my wife and my nephew, the main host of this house and I guarantee you an unforgettable stay. My nephew is the one who serves at the bar and prepares cocktails.

Pet(s) owned: Parrot, River and Sea Turtles, small Crocodile
Languages spoken:

General Information

Property Type: Private room
Maximum Capacity: 4
Bedrooms: 1
Beds: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Size: 20 m²


Cleaning service
Essentials (soap, toilet paper, etc.)
Air conditioning
Private parking
Bed linen
Access: Private
Terrace view
Private bathroom
View: Inner courtyard
Centralized water heater
Natural ventilation


The construction of the house is recent, with a portal that spans across the front entrance and the garden. Once you enter the house from lateral spaces you will access a large room, air-conditioned and shaded, where you will be able to enjoy your stay being close to nature.
We offer a cosy and clean accommodation with air-con, well stocked fridge, a matrimonial and a single bed, private bathroom with hot shower and sufficient water pressure (those who have visited Cuba know this cannot be taken for granted), a patio to relax and enjoy the best Piña Colada in Cuba, with plenty of shade to escape the heat.
There’s a bar restaurant, private for the use of our guests, which offers suppers prepared by a chef of great experience and extensive training. The bartender prepares cocktails in just one moment and to the taste of our guests once they request them.
The decor is very peculiar, with fountains where mud-turtles and a small crocodile live.
The house has two spacious and perfectly equipped room to ensure a splendid stay.

Children up to 2 years old: Free accommodation
Children from 3 to 12 years old: Half price charge

Neighbourhood & Nearby attractions
The village is very small; thus all the places are relatively close. The house is located on the main street, which makes it an excellent location.

You can visit various nearby places of interest. Just 100 meters away from the beach with white sand and crystal clear water. There’s also Hotal Giron situated very close to our place, where you can enjoy a variety of recreational and cultural activities without needing to reserve a room there. You can also do hiking and bird watching to observe endemic birds in their natural habitat and other species, as well as enjoying typical landscapes of la Ciénaga de Zapata and unspoiled nature in perfect preservation. In Punta Perdiz you can practise sport fishing and scuba diving being assisted by specialists, as well as you can enjoy delicious dishes and decoration in marine style in a restaurant overlooking the sea. Other points of interest are a rural property where there is a micro-zoo, Cueva de los Peces to enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters and watching fish of different colors in natural pools, or Caleta Buena which also have restaurants and natural pools ideal for the amateur and professional diving. Among the attractions there is the Taíno Village in Guamá, Hatiguanico river, the largest crocodile farm in the Latin America, Salinas, places where you can do water rides, enjoy nature and diving in the largest coral reef barrier in the world, where you can spot colorful fish and shipwrecks. All of these trips can be done for a reasonable price by prior agreement with us, your hosts.

Coming home & Getting around
It’s very easy to get to the apartment from other regions of the island, for instance from Varadero or Havana it’s around one hour ride by car. You can also arrive from other sights, situated relatively close to our place, such as the city of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, just one hour and 15 minutes ride.

In the city you can rent bicycles to get to some of the sights as they are situated not more than 5 km away from our home and the natural landscapes are beautiful. You can also choose to take a bus that runs every day in the morning and reach the city easily to get to other attractive points of interest, such as diving areas or wildlife watching.

Interaction with Guests
I am a kind and modest person, fluent in English and Italian. I am also an expert chef and I serve my guests in the private restaurant, which is part of the house. Fresh seafood (lobster, shrimps, a huge selection of fish) is available right from the sea. Breakfast is as splendid as the dinner, offering cheese, bacon, sausage (also not common in Cuba where bacon has to be obtained in places as far away as a couple of hundred kilometres), fresh juice, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, you name it.
At home we have several animals, kept in safe and appropriate places, such as parrots, river and sea turtles as well as a small crocodile. Me and my wife give attention to our visitors personally and we guide them on their trips according to their interests. If you are interested in tours, we will assist you and arrange trips.
We offer several additional services such as laundry service, just feel free to ask and we will be pleased to help.
Let us know your arrival time with Viazul and we will pick you up at the bus stop.

House and Booking Rules

Arrival Time: 13:00
Departure Time: 12:00
Minimum stay: 1


Per night
CUC$ 25.00
  • 1 guest
  • 2 guests
  • 3 guests
  • 4 guests
Total: CUC$ 25.00